Who We Are:

TimeshareRelief.com was founded by a group of industry insiders with years of experience in the travel and timeshare industries. We noticed two things:

  1. Timeshare sellers without knowledgeable representation had little success transferring their property.

  2. Lack of integrity on the secondary market fosters schemes and rip-offs aimed at taking advantage of these desperate sellers.

It was this type of unethical activity and a growing need in the industry that drove TimeshareRelief.com to create a service that assists timeshare owners in breaking free from rising maintenance fees and untimely special assessments. 

We are a company with an in-house legal team that has experience on both sides of the timeshare industry.

We are a company that has the industry contacts needed to facilitate difficult timeshare title transfers.

We are a company that uses an licensed, bonded and affiliated escrow & title agency with more than a decade of experience within the industry and one that has successfully closed escrow and transferred title on over 85,000 timeshares. 

We are a team of qualified professionals who will protect you both legally and financially during the process of ending your timeshare burden.  Please give us a call today to get more information at 855-781-0079.

What We Are NOT:

We are NOT a listing company claiming to have buyers waiting. We do not take advantage of desperate timeshare owners by charging large upfront fees with no intent to sell or market the timeshare property. 

We do NOT
prey on financially crippled or vulnerable consumers who are susceptible to unwarranted promises of easy sales. 

We do NOT
send out postcards telling people that we have a buyer for their timeshare. We are the buyer (if your timeshare qualifies).

We are NOT
a company that makes money regardless of the outcome of the service we provide you.  Escrow is open until the service has been provided, period. Our service is 100% guaranteed, so call 855-781-0079 now.